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Alma Base & Mathilde Cover

Collection Roma

180,50 €


361,00 €

Between Alma and Mathilde, it's a perfect balance. A base of intense black leather and a black flap like a boa with a thousand reflections. This flap has a glossy texture, enhanced by sparkling metallic finishes. This bag sublimates all the silhouettes.

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A signature bag of the Versa Versa house, the Roma bag will reveal the elegance and uniqueness of those who wear it. Infinitely customizable thanks to our wide range of interchangeable flaps and straps, this black cowhide bag with black patent boa flap is handcrafted in Spain with exceptional leathers from France and Italy.

Designed for everyday life, your Roma base is equipped with a patch pocket, as well as card compartments for you to store all your treasures. The flap zips to the base with a twist, and the bag has a magnetic closure. Comes with a black leather shoulder strap with gold trim.

This bag also matches perfectly with our collection of removable shoulder straps.

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Return possible within a maximum of 14 days after the date of receipt of your order.

PocketPocket & credit card sockets inside
OriginHandmade in Spain
CompositionCalf skin leather
MirrorMirror inside the cover
Leather orginItaly & France
Dimensions26 x 18 x 5 cm