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Eden Base & Natural Punk Cover

Collection Roma

480,00 €

Looking for an original bag that will stand out from all the others you already own? Here you are in front of one of the jewels of the Versa Versa house: a bag proudly asserting a crest in gazelle hair. A real invitation to travel and to touch, this bag with its natural colored fur and camel leather base is sure to seduce all those who dare to approach it.

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A signature bag of the Versa Versa house, the Roma bag will reveal the elegance and uniqueness of those who wear it. Endlessly customizable thanks to our wide range of interchangeable covers, the natural Punk bag is the star. The gazelle (Springbok) is an antelope found in southern Africa. Its true uniqueness is the adorable crest on its flanks. Present in many national parks & reserves, the species is not endangered. This bag is sold with a removable leather shoulder strap with a gold finish.
PocketPocket & credit card sockets inside
OriginHandmade in Spain
CompositionCalf skin leather
MirrorMirror inside the cover
Leather orginItalie & France
Dimensions26 x 18 x 5 cm