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Pearl (grey and nude fringes)

Collection Rio

167,50 €


335,00 €

A direct and sharp style, a lively and rock spirit, the Rio is the essential fashion piece for the bold woman. Customize the bag with interchangeable bangs. During the day, it's a hyper-luxury bag with luminous leathers that is worn on the shoulder, and in the evening it's a night owl that shines with a powerful gold metal.

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What if we traveled to the beaches of Brazil? A favorite creation of Versa Versa, the pearl caviar colored Rio model is an airy bag that lives, dances, and breathes. Thanks to its removable pink and gray bangs, this bag will adapt to your desires in a snap of the fingers, without ever losing its light!
CompositionFull-grained calf leather
Dimensions26X20X6,5 cm