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Sophie Cover

Collection Roma

99,00 €

Unimaginable to occupy the third place of the podium for the Cobra Bronze Cover! If it decided to shine with a thousand lights: it is to be on the front of the poster! Between pink gold and silver, brightness and sobriety, it's hard to figure out the riddle behind the color of this cover. It's up to you to give us the solution!

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The Sophie cover is a sparkling cover with a silvery pink color. Its exceptional crocodile print leather and its signature V make this flap a must-have. You can combine this cover with the 6 bases of the Roma bag.
OriginFait main en Espagne
CompositionCalf skin leather
MirrorMirror inside the cover
Leather orginItalie & France
Dimensions26 x 19 x 0.4 cm