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Black Punk Cover

Collection Roma

230,00 €

The black gazelle hair punk is not a cover like the others, it is a charmer that attracts all its prey thanks to its triumphant and sumptuous crest. The depth of its black and the softness of its hair are specific to women who dare to assert their particularity. Will you be the one to tame him?

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The black Punk cover is a unique cover designed by hand in gazelle hair. It will ensure you an exceptional touch and will reveal your boldness thanks to its crest. The gazelle (Springbok) is an antelope from southern Africa. Its real specificity is its adorable crest located on its flanks. Present in many national parks and reserves in Africa, it is a non-endangered species. The Black Punk is a perfect match for the Roma Alma (black), Joy (royal blue), and Claire (pearl grey). This cover is also available in brown, red, yellow, and blue.
OriginHandmade in spain
CompositionSpringbok hair
MirrorMirror inside the cover
Leather orginAfrique du Sud
Dimensions26 x 19 x 0.4 cm