Belgian design, handmade in Spain with French, Italian and Spanish leathers.

Each collection designed by the House of Versa Versa is a testament to create timeless and elegant bags, crafted by the best leather craftsmen in Spain selected for their passion, talents and perfectionism . They highlight the craftsmanship of the best craftsmen in Europe. Leathers are meticulously chosen by the designer for their quality, uniqueness, and each irregularity in the leather is proof of its authenticity, making each piece created exclusive & unique.
« Inspired by You. »


Interchangeable and reversible handbags - Two words, four movements for an infinity of models.

Versa Versa empowers women by introducing “ flexible luxurious fashion”’ whereby women can change a single accessory to suit what they want to express about themselves.
It’s about the woman wearing the handbag and not the handbag wearing her. It’s about celebrating her uniqueness, night and day. A woman’s handbag is full of secrets and it gives a glimpse of who she really is; her story behind the scenes. Versa Versa is the art of expressing a woman’s ever-changing identity.


“When you wear a Versa handbag, you’re not just wearing a handbag. You are wearing a story, a process, a journey. You also reveal your personality, your mood and your style of the moment.”

Sinead Shannon Roche, Irish-Belgian designer, founded the House of Versa Versa in May 2012. Convinced that leather goods reveal the personality of the person wearing it, she designs and creates a luxury and intuitive product that accompanies and transcends the owner’s everyday life depending on his/her mood and desires.

Sinead is a visionary, always searching for novelty. Fascinated by people and cultures, she follows her instincts and sharpens her creativity by inspiring herself from her travels and the personalities she meets.

Her collections do not follow the trends but rather reveal the human being of today; voluble, multiple, passionate, excited. As many traits that characterize her.


To laugh
Old people wrinkled with stories
Terraces, seeing people’s lives pass by, hearing their stories that leave only but a trace of lipstick on their cup & dried coffee on their spoon
Racing with the sunset in her car
When her heels get stuck in the paved streets of a latin city
Discovering a pot of Nutella in the back of a cupboard
Rediscovering her summer clothes wrinkled by the winter in her wardrobe
Movie claps and the word « action ».. old film reels that wrap themselves around a story that unravel from a projector and that dusty tunnel of light that appears above her head at the movies.
Salsa dancing
Brunches & seeing her friends she loves laugh together.

She doesn’t like...

To bite in lemon pips that fall into her fruit salad & pretend to be eatable seeds
Bad manners
Heavy metal
To pretend

She is inspired by...

Backstage.. of life, people
Her mother, her sister, her father, her husband
Colorful journeys
Unexpected moments
The strength, determination, passion & talent of others

She is…