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Bags with interlocking flaps

Women can change a single accessory to suit what they want to express about themselves. It is about the woman wearing the handbag and not the handbag wearing her. It's about celebrating her uniqueness, night and day. A woman's handbag is full of secrets and it gives a glimpse of who she really is; her story behind the scenes. Versa Versa is the art of expressing a woman's ever-changing identity.


French design, handmade in Spain with French and

Italian leathers

Our know-how since 2012

Each collection designed by the House of Versa Versa is a testament to create timeless and elegant bags, crafted by the best leather craftsmen in Spain selected for their passion, talents and perfectionism . They highlight the craftsmanship of the best craftsmen in Europe. Leathers are meticulously chosen by the designer for their quality and uniqueness.

Creative audacity

If the bag bases are «classic», the cover flaps shake up the codes with their ethnic prints and flashy colors inspired by the trips and encounters of the designer. The materials can be mixed and the colors combined to create a unique piece, your very own bag, inspired by you.

An eco-responsible approach

The concept of Versa Versa is part of a slow fashion approach: consume less but better by having only one and unique bag of  the highest quality that can be customized according to your desires and moods. The brand goes further in eco-responsibility by favoring ethical leathers and the use of falls for the manufacturing of its flaps.


Sinead Shannon-Roche, a Belgian-Irish journalist and actress founded the House of Versa Versa in 2012. She created the innovative concept of interchangeable handbags. Mélanie Lyon Lynch, big fan of the first hour, takes over the brand in 2019: convinced that the bags and accessories reveal the personality of the person wearing it, she pursues the initial philosophy by creating bags that match women’s  multiple needs and facets. She follows her instincts and sharpens her creativity by inspiring herself from her travels and the personalities she meets.The new collections reveal the woman of today : vibrant, free, eclectic and passionate. The brand will keep revealing great surprises ..... Follow the adventure !

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